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Sumiko Mediasoft Pvt. Ltd.(SMPL) provide comprehensive consultancy for software solutions to the customer world wide since 1995 and has a very rewarding relationship thus far with a number of prestigious customers. SMPL is mostly known for its ERPs and website development. Using our ERP, companies have transformed themselves from non-integrated units with scattered islands of information into integrated strong global companies managing their entire operations from a single location.

It offers the best of functionality at the costs comparable to mid-range ERPs. It works with equal dexterity and robustness across manufacturing, distribution, trading and retail environments.

ERP is specially targeted at the Mid-Market segment and over the years has become the most successful ERP in India in this segment. It has been successfully implemented across various industry verticals including Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Textiles, college and Retail etc. It has also been successfully installed across diverse geographical locations in India



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